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Best Practices

A School Assembly

Assembly at School

A School Assembly, is a formal gathering of heterogeneous class intended as mini scale of activities throughout the day leading for concentration, dedication, acquiring information, creativity, alertness, raising self-confidence of the students to face the audience. School Assembly provides a fantastic opportunity to build a strong sense of community. It helps to reinforce school's ethos and its values and help to develop identity - often the hallmark of a valuable school.

School Assembly makes the students to strengthen the Power to Unity, Build Interest in Extra Curricular Activities, Develop Core Values, Learning Social Discipline and Build Confidence.

The intention behind implementing regular school assemblies is to develop a feeling of unity and a positive school culture among the students and staff. Gathering together strengthens the way, school works It develops a feeling of 'I am' and 'I can' in children. It gives an opportunity to every child in remaining extra focused.

At Sri Vamshidhar High School three different Assemblies are conducted for Grade 6-10, 3-5 & Grade 1&2. By doing this every child shall get an opportunity of presenting their skills on the stage and prove oneself.

Best Practices

Skill comes from consistent and deliberate practice

The standard of any school is judged by the rules and ethics it follows and implements, we at Sri Vamshidhar High School always strive our level best to meet the challenging demands of the advanced world without ignoring the moral-values which are the roots of our Indian culture.

The unique features that we intensely focus on are:

1. Addressing Individual needs of the children: Personal attention is given to each child. The students are given comfortable seats; they are given favourable learning environment, so that they can discuss things easily with their peers and teachers.

2. Maintaining case studies of all children: The behaviour and academic performance of each student is measured through a yard stick and necessary care and support is provided to the students.

3. Child friendly environment: Students are dealt amiably around by the staff members’ students never hesitate to tell their tales, they are treated more affectionately and softly.

4. Maintaining concerns’ registers and addressing the concern on the same day: Every concern is entered and systematic records are maintained, so that the concern can be attended immediately.

5. Planting a sapling on birthdays, no civil dress and no chocolate distribution to avoid discrimination: As responsible citizens it is our duty to protect our environment. To shed the feeling of have and have not’s and the feeling of ordinary and special.

6. Encouraging children to take resolutions on birthdays with the help of class teachers: While planting a sapling a self-promise is taken by the student to realize the importance of planting trees, and to cherish their memories, pictures are clicked of the birthday child with the class teacher.

7. No Bag Day on every Saturday: Children love to come to school without bags. Learning happens without books on this day, through activities.

8. Yoga Mediation, Karate are included in the curriculum: Physical activities are equal important like Academics. Yoga and Karate Activities are held To keep our body soul and mind at peace and be healthy

9. Maintaining Nursing Care unit: Health of the students is our great concern. For the convenience of the students immediate-aid is provided and attended by a trained and qualified nurse.

10. Regular Medical and Health camps: We believe “A healthy body has a healthy mind.” To attend to the health problems of the students, Health camps and regular check-ups are arranged by the Management.

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